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This program is specifically for distressed businesses that are overleveraged with business loans that have severely impacted cash flow and as a result are now possibly or already facing debt collection, notices of default, frozen bank accounts, being sued or even facing bankruptcy. Businesses in this situation cannot apply for another alternative finance loan, especially if they have stopped payments with a lender or defaulted on your loan.

Business owners in this situation must pay off their balance with their lenders or they will undoubtedly be forced to close their business. However, the payment schedule they are currently on is obviously impossible to sustain otherwise the business would not be in this situation to begin with. So, restructuring of the rates, terms, payment frequency, payment amount and payback are necessary in order for the business to stay in business and afford to be able to pay the lender back.

Paying the lender back is exactly what the lender wants, so they are willing to negotiate. However, it is not in the best interest of the business to work directly with the lender to restructure. Legal counsel that specializes in this space is a key part of successfully solving this complex issue in an affordable and reasonable fashion.

Here at ION, we connect our clients with legal counsel that acts on behalf of distressed businesses in this situation. Your legal team will take over the issue so you can focus on your business. The following will occur under the guidance and leadership of your legal team:

    • Consolidate multiple loans into a single monthly payment.
    • Stretch out the terms of your loans which will lower your payment substantially.
    • Substantially lower the amount of your overall payback.

This will accomplish the following:

    • Significantly relieves pressure on cash flow.
    • Stop harassment from the lender and collections companies.
    • Activate frozen accounts.
    • Keep you in business.
    • The best part is you’ll never pay more than the outstanding balance you owe. We collect our fee out of the amount due to the lender …which means you get to stick it to the lenders that overleveraged your business!

We’re confident in our abilities to restructure your business debt! We have an approval rate of over 90%.

Additionally, we do our best to provide all our clients with an FDIC Bank Term Loan behind business loan restructuring. We have a high approval rate and average funded amount of $200k per file at rates between 8.9% – 12.6% inclusive of fees! Must have 660+ FICO with all 3 credit bureaus*

You made a great decision moving forward with the process! Let’s work together to improve your situation. We require the following docs to begin the process.

Here’s what we need to begin the process.

 Debt Restructuring File Requirements:

    • Please fill the attached Merchant Application, Debt Schedule and Income Projection Form in full and return in reply to this email.
    • Please provide a copy of all signed funding contracts for the loans you want to restructure.
    • We require the most recent month and month to date business bank statements (excel spreadsheets not acceptable).
    • Please go to and download your FREE credit report. The full report can be anywhere from 15-100 pages. Please download the whole report into 1 PDF document.
    • Please provide a copy of the front and back of the business owner’s valid driver’s license.

If you’re interested in the FDIC Bank Loan, here’s what we need to qualify you:

    • A copy of your SS4 (Employer ID Number) for their business.
    • Six (6) most recent business bank statements (all pages – in pdf format). Please send each month as a separate pdf attachment.
    • Articles of Incorporation
    • Three most recent Business AND Personal Tax Returns
    • Year-to-date Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet
    • A copy of a voided check (or bank routing/account number info). Once approved, the bank(s) will wire their financing directly to this business bank account at closing. The title on this account MUST match your application. No exceptions.

The File Upload section is at the bottom of this form.

Debt Restructuring Form

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