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Welcome! Are you interested in signing up with the ION Capital – Loan Broker University? If so, it’s only natural you’d have questions and be interested in what the experience has been for our students. Please watch our FREE Masterclass recording. We share FREE training and a behind the scenes look at the ION Capital – Loan Broker University.




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“Learn How Business Loan Brokers Are Earning Up To $20K+ Per Month Working From Home Online!”

Here at ION, you can learn how to build and operate your very own business loan brokerage working from home! In this MasterClass we will provide FREE Training and an in depth look at the ION Capital Loan Broker University.


  • Why becoming a business loan broker is the BEST online business to start right now!
  • How you could potentially build and operate a successful business from $0 to six or seven figures with NO EXPERIENCE!
  • How this industry ACTUALLY WORKS and WHAT IT REALLY TAKES to succeed!
  • Learn how business loan brokers are earning up to $20k+ A MONTH in commissions!

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Meet Pete!

“ION Gives You Everything!”

“…very often the successful guys in the business don’t want to give you all the information because they’re scared you’re gonna be more successful than them. It’s completely opposite here at ION. They give you everything!”

“At ION, you always get 1 on 1 support!”

“…I’ve joined other programs in this space, and there’s no support! I’m in the other programs Facebook Groups where people are constantly asking for help and are basically left out there all by themself with no body to answer their question. At ION, there’s always 1 on 1 support to get the answers you need!

Meet Eric D!

Meet Eric K!

“It’s all easy to understand!”

“…if you don’t feel comfortable you can just give the call over to your coach and they’ll do it for you while you listen in, and that’s how you learn. So, I really like that! The steps you follow, the tutorials… it’s all easy to understand.”

“ION is the next step for you!”

“…if business loan brokering interested you, and you are determined and disciplined, and willing to work toward those goals, and put forth the effort, then I think ION Capital Solutions is the next step for you!”

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Meet John!

$21,000 in 2 months with the Blueprint!

Meet Brendan!

$21,000 in 2 months with the Blueprint!

Meet Matthew!

$21,000 in 2 months with the Blueprint!

Meet James!

$21,000 in 2 months with the Blueprint!

Meet Crystal!

$21,000 in 2 months with the Blueprint!

Meet Mickey!

$21,000 in 2 months with the Blueprint!

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NEW! How To Become A Business Loan Broker


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ION Capital Loan Broker University



What is the ION Capital – Loan Broker University?

The ION Capital – Loan Broker University offers a comprehensive guide to establishing and running an online business loan brokerage. Moreover, we go beyond theoretical knowledge by providing students with the unique opportunity to connect with our brokerage and actively collaborate with industry professionals on actual, ongoing deals. This hands-on experience is invaluable, allowing students to gain practical skills and insights. The added benefit is that by plugging into our system, students can earn income while simultaneously expanding their knowledge and refining their skills.

What is a Business Loan Broker?

A business loan broker, functioning as a professional intermediary, plays a vital role in connecting businesses in need of loans with potential lenders. Their primary objective is to guide businesses throughout the loan application process, evaluate diverse financing options, and secure advantageous loan terms and rates for their clients. This intricate process enables them to earn broker commissions, which are generously provided by the lender as a token of appreciation for successfully submitting businesses to the lender and effectively securing funding. In essence, the broker’s expertise bridges the gap between businesses and lenders, ensuring a mutually beneficial arrangement for all parties involved.

Does the ION Capital – Loan Broker University cost anything to start?

Indeed, although enrolling in our program requires an upfront payment, we offer remarkable financing options that allow students to distribute the tuition amount over extended periods, spanning up to 60 months. Consequently, this flexible payment structure makes the overall cost exceptionally affordable. In contrast, alternative programs charge exorbitant fees ranging from $25,000 to $100,000, offering significantly lesser value than what we provide. As a result, opting for our program represents an outstanding opportunity, to say the least. You can find specific cost details outlined in our complimentary Masterclass, which offers valuable insights without any charge.

Additionally, their are programs that initially charge less than ION does to get get your foot in the door, but then they feature limited time and upselling which ultimately leads to higher cost. The ION Capital – Loan Broker University features a one time cost for training and membership is lifetime. No shenanigans! 

Why should I choose to start a business loan brokerage instead of another business?

Undeniably, business loan brokering is a recession-proof industry. The alternative lending sector not only withstood the challenges of the 2008 recession but also prospered during that time. Remarkably, it has demonstrated resilience once again throughout the recent pandemic. Following the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, banks have become progressively hesitant to provide funding for numerous businesses. As a business loan broker, you assume a pivotal role in assisting these businesses, which face difficulty in securing traditional financing, by facilitating their access to capital. The perpetual need for businesses to acquire funds guarantees the indispensability of your expertise in meeting their ongoing financial requirements.

How is ION different than other business loan broker programs?

In essence, we offer more than just a “blueprint” program. We don’t engage in the sale of software, act as a white-label direct lender outsourcing marketing, or withhold valuable trade secrets. At ION, we prioritize transparency and avoid any fluff, hype, or sugar coating. Our approach involves teaching the complete spectrum of the business. We actively collaborate with our students in real-time within the marketplace. This sets us apart from numerous competitors, as we are genuinely involved in the business loan industry. It is crucial to exercise caution when encountering “gurus” whose primary income is derived solely from selling a business blueprint.

Are we selling personal and business loans?

Business loans only. Personal loans typically require licensing because they involve lending money to individuals for personal use, and governments regulate such lending activities to protect consumers. Licensing ensures that lenders adhere to specific regulations, including interest rate caps, disclosure requirements, and fair lending practices. Business loans, on the other hand, are considered commercial transactions, often involving larger loan amounts and more complex financial arrangements, which are subject to fewer regulatory restrictions, allowing lenders and brokers to operate without specific licensing requirements in many cases.

If I plugin to ION, is there a commission split for deals I submit?

You don’t have to submit deals to ION because we share a lender network of 120+ lenders offering 60+ funding products with our students. However, if you want to work directly with lenders and earn 100% commissions, you can. Yet, in doing so, you won’t have a professional loan broker assisting you on your deals since they focus on their own deals to earn commissions. To work with a pro, you must submit your deal to ION and split the commission with a professional mentor. We suggest submitting unfamiliar deals to ION to learn the process, then working on similar deals independently once you’ve learned.

WARNING: Programs offering “FREE Deal Support” without a commission split lack quality support and professional mentorship. Professional business loan brokers earn commissions from closing deals, and if you want to become a professional, you need to work with professionals. Don’t fall for the hype. The value of “FREE” is $0.

What can you teach me if I already have experience?

It’s great that you have experience, but how extensive is that experience? How many products and industries are you familiar with? Do you understand how each department of a business loan brokerage works? Are you successfully, consistently funding deals? Is your marketing strategy cost effective and fruitful? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself before considering working with ION. We can help new AND EXPERIENCED business loan brokers learn more about this space and get positive, improved results. 

IMPORTANT: If you have experience and you decide you want to sign up with ION, it’s important you are willing to listen and learn. Ego is the greatest enemy of achievement! We offer a proven functional system that only works IF you follow it. Those that deviate from the system will likely experience lesser results. Often in business, and in life, we as people can be our own worst enemy. You will face many obstacles in this space …like any venture in life worth taking. 


Does ION a social media presence?

While we maintain a strong social media presence on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, our primary focus at ION is being professional business loan brokers. We prioritize engaging in real deals and supporting our students in the marketplace. A thriving business is indicated by a robust presence on social media and a branding campaign. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution with “coaching programs” that heavily emphasize marketing. Such programs may raise doubts about their genuine involvement in the recommended field and the level of support they provide to participants. True success comes from working alongside active industry professionals rather than relying on advice from self-proclaimed experts lacking practical experience.


Is ION just focused on selling MCA like every other program?

No! Here at ION our students have access to 120+ money lenders and 60 unique funding products. There’s a lot of funding products in this marketplace, and all of them are better than a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA). We suggest anyone who wants to be successful in this space not be like everyone else online trying to sell MCA, and instead actually learn the business …the way it’s really done!


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