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Are you interested in signing up with the ION Capital – Loan Broker University? If so, it’s only natural you’d have questions and be interested in what the experience has been for our students. Please take a few minutes to review some of our success stories. Thank you for your interest in our program!



Success Stories

Ion Capital – Loan Broker University

$9,262 Broker Commission

Meet Eric …he just closed another deal …this time it’s a $9,262 gross commission! This particular client borrows $ once per month …easy, consistent money for Eric! Are you struggling to fund deals? Wondering how long it will take for you to start closing deals? There’s others like you who made it over the hill with help. Here’s a window into Eric’s business loan broker experience…

$1.9M Line Of Credit Closed

Meet Matthew! Matthew closed a $1.9M line of credit with one of his clients. In this business loan broker testimonial, Matthew shares how leveraging the experience of his mentor here at ION has been a crucial part of his success. Leveraging a mentor live in the marketplace allows new business loan brokers the ability to stand out in the marketplace as a high performing professional and expedite their journey to monetary gains.

Stay At Home Mom Side Hustle

Meet Breanna. Breanna is a stay at home mom. In this video testimonial Breanna shares her experience so far …including the deal she just funded. If you’re already at home and looking for a side hustle, you should definitely consider becoming a business loan broker! Here’s why Breanna chose to become a broker. Enjoy!

Wholesaler Becomes Biz Loan Broker

Meet Dave! Dave is a real estate wholesaler and investor. In this business loan broker testimonial, Dave shares how he took his real estate investment business to the next level by leveraging ION’s loan broker system and the provided mentor that he’s partnered up with to create a passive revenue stream. Enjoy!

Student Interview 1 Year Later

Meet Shane! Shane has been with us for a year. In this video Shane and I discuss his experience up to this point, and what’s next for Shane. For anyone on the fence about joining our business loan broker program, this is a must watch! Enjoy!

From Student To Mentor - 2 Years In

After 2 Years In The Program …here’s Marc’s business loan broker experience. In this video, Marc gives his honest review of the program and explains why he is still in the program today. I’ll say no more and let you hear Marc put into his own words why ION is a great place for business loan brokers to learn, earn, and grow!

Secret To Success At ION

Meet Jason! He’s been with us for a little over a year. Since then, he’s opened up his own successful loan brokerage after training with us here at ION and funding a bunch of deals in the process. Hear from Jason in his own words what his business loan broker experience has been like here at ION so far, and why he thinks YOU should sign up today.

It Can't Be This Easy

Meet Mickey! In this business loan broker testimonial, Mickey shares his excitement about the ION platform and all the deals he has since he started. In Mickey’s words, “people are really interested in this” after getting so many responses from clients so quickly. “It can’t be this easy” Mickey said, shocked by the overwhelming response he’s gotten from our lead generation methods. All that and more in this video. Enjoy!

Favorable Commission Splits

Meet Charlie! Charlie shares his experience two months into his business loan broker experience here at ION. Charlie enjoys the training, support, mentorship, and highly recommends our platform. Click here to hear Charlie share his personal account first hand.

Full Time Job To Business Loan Broker

Meet David! David started out at ION as a student and grew into a mentorship role. In this business loan broker testimonial, David highlights how quickly he grew his pipeline, found success, and grew into his new role at ION. David also highlights our mentorship program and the value it offers.

New Business Loan Broker Interview

Meet Mike! Mike is completely new to the world of business loan brokering. In this video, Mike discusses his experience here at ION and the unique timing of his arrival …Mike arrived just before we upgraded our system and training. So, we discuss the comparison and improvements in this video as well.

$3,500 Commission In The First 3 Weeks

Meet Brendan! What’s the experience been like for our students? How fast can you start making money? Well, here’s Brendan’s business loan broker experience where he shares his experience at ION and how quickly he was able to start earning cash. Enjoy!

$0 to $30k Months!

Meet Sebastian! Sebastian started out as a student and grew into a mentorship role here at ION increasing his earnings substantially. In Sebastian’s words, “if you’re on the fence about joining, don’t think about it just do it! I did exactly what Ryan said and this is where we are today”. Here at ION. our mentors started out as students. With a proven track record they earn the ability to become a mentor greatly increasing their earning capability, and so can you!

It's All About The ION Process!

Meet Levi! Levi, highlights our lead generation methods and why he feels they are so important to his business loan broker business. Did we mention our lead generation methods are completely FREE? These methods are powerful for any business loan broker, experienced or otherwise.

$0 to $21k Months - Success Story

Meet Christopher! Christopher went from student to mentor, and during that journey grew his book of business from $0 to $21k earnings monthly. There’s a tremendous amount of opportunity at ION for those that are willing to take on the ION Challenge of become a successful business loan broker!

$2MM Pipeline In Two Weeks

Meet Carlos! In just two short weeks Carlos build a $2MM pipeline for his business loan broker business. Carlos has joined other programs similar to ION, but “none of them teach how to generate their own leads effectively”. Additionally, ION offers “a better commission structure and the ability to be more hands on with the deals”.

Surprised How Easy It Is


Meet James! In this video testimonial, James shares his view of our business loan broker program. James can’t stress enough “how easy it is to generate leads”, how he feels “anyone can do it”, and that it’s “impossible not to get results”. Additionally, James is from Canada. We can fund businesses and work with business loan brokers in Canada!


Student Reviews NEW System

Meet Rod! In this video, Rod discusses his business loan broker experience here at the ION Capital – Loan Broker University. More specifically, we discuss a recent revision to the training platform which is actually an annual occurrence here at ION. The ION system is always improving and it starts with feedback from our students!

Join ION, It's A No Brainer!

Meet Sage! Sage says joining ION was an absolute no brainer, her hand is being held through the entire process, and she has everything she needs already built and ready to go to market with. Here’s her business loan broker experience at the ION Capital – Loan Broker University.

New Student Shares Experience

Meet Nathan. In this video testimonial Nathan shares his experience so far. A lot of common struggles discussed here that anyone just starting out will likely encounter. Some struggles that an experienced business loan broker will also encounter. Definitely something here for all types of viewers. Enjoy!

Brokering From Abroad

Meet Mikael! Michael is a new student from Stockholm Sweden who just joined Ion. Because of the nature of business loan brokering, more specifically it offering the ability to operate 100% remotely from anywhere in the world, Mikael is able to simply plugin to our system and enter the marketplace right away!

Take This Opportunity Seriously!

Meet Rahiem …he’s been making money by just following our FREE training on our YouTube Channel. Now, Rahiem is about to level up in a big way by officially joining ION! This stuff works …for those that are willing to work for it! You have to be a go getter and take massive action to get results. Rahiem is, and you can too!

2 Deal Funded In First Month

Meet John …he closed 2 deals in his first month! Are you struggling to fund deals? Wondering how long it will take for you to start closing deals? There’s others like you who made it over the hill with help. Here’s a window into John’s business loan broker experience…

Real Estate Pro Shares Experience

Hear from a Real Estate professional of 20 years who joined ION in order to expand into a different, but related field. In this video, Crystal explains her business loan broker experience here at ION and her recommendation why others with similar experience should also consider joining as well. Enjoy!

Connecting To ION From The UK

Meet Pete! In this business loan broker testimonial, Pete shares his story here at ION, how the experience has been living in the UK, and why he feels anyone new to this space should join ION. This is a detailed account. Pete lays out the training platform, the experience, the workflow and more. Enjoy!

Follow The ION Process

Meet Michael! In this business loan broker video testimonial, Michael shares the ION process of how to analyze data and make informed adjustments to increase his the rate of funding deals. Michael also shares his personal business loan broker journey and what he needs to bring to the table to get the best possible results here at ION.

ION Is A Place To Earn & Learn

Meet Chanel! Chantel says “ION is not just a business blueprint, but rather an education program where a business loan broker can earn money while learning”. This is an important topic we discuss in this video. Enjoy!

Two Weeks Into the Training

New student shares his business loan broker experience with ION, and highlights the value he’s experienced in his coaching calls and mentor calls. At ION, we hold our business loan broker students hands through the whole process! If you’re new to the space and you need help, ION is the place to go. Earn and Learn at the same time using the ION platform!

New Student Testimonial Interview

Meet Jessica! Jessica has been with us for 6 weeks. Jessica is taking things slow …she has other commitments that she’s also focused on. However, Jessica is already getting better results here at ION than she has with other programs that she’s tried and invested in in the past. Why is that? Well, have a listen to Jessica explain in her own words how the business loan broker experience has been for her so far.

Ion Capital Solutions Review

Meet Eric! In this business loan broker review of the ION platform, Eric highlights our support system, the responsiveness of our support team and the experience he’s had leveraging the expertise of our support team. Enjoy!

Leverage ION Support To Convert Clients

Meet Eric! In this video testimonial, Eric shares his initial impression of ION, and how he feels ION’s business loan broker program compares to other programs in the marketplace. He also highlights his experience with his mentor, and why he enjoys that part of the program.

Loan Brokering Hotel Investments

Meet Amit! Amit is an experience Real Estate Investor who specialized in commercial properties, specifically hotels. Amit joined Ion because he is looking to level up his business by learning the financing side of the business, as well as leveraging it to further increase his liquidity …allowing for more investments annually. Are you a real estate investor looking to do the same? If so, please reach out to discuss how team Ion can help improve your business!

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