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Ion Success Tool


Upon signing up with ION, you gain immediate access to the ION Success Tool. This interactive guide takes you through all aspects of being a business loan broker. It covers building and operating your own brokerage and offers the opportunity to collaborate with industry professionals through ION. For further insights into our business loan broker training, please visit our YouTube channel.


What’s in the ION Success Tool?

A simplified, streamlined and easy to understand guide that offers great value without overwhelming you and being too time consuming!


Interactive Guide

Numerous online coaching programs rely on Google Drive or Kajabi.com, inundating you with disorganized content. At ION, we empathize with your aversion to sorting through extensive material, reorganizing it, and facing unanswered queries. With the ION Success Tool, you access an interactive guide that offers a clear, step-by-step direction for building and operating your business loan brokerage. Our streamlined process eliminates complexity, allowing you to dedicate your time to your business, not reorganizing ours.

Video Training

Diverging from other coaching programs with lengthy, unedited videos, our approach emphasizes concise, value-packed content.

Broker Toolbox

Our Broker Toolbox serves as a centralized module containing various resources such as forms, templates, grids, and more. These items are seamlessly integrated into the guide, organized into sections, and conveniently housed in a single external module.

Here’s some common questions & answers we field about our FREE Lead Generation methods.

Can I access the guide offline?

Yes. However, we host the items in the Broker Toolbox online to keep them up to date with the current marketplace.

What if I have questions?

Book a support session so we can answer your questions!

What if ION updates the guide?

You will be notified and the new version will be shared with you FREE of charge.

Is the guide english language only?

Yes, english only.

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Our interactive guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough of everything related to being a business loan broker. Additionally, it offers students the opportunity to join ION and collaborate with industry professionals.


At ION, we offer 1-on-1 assistance without 800 numbers or international outsourcing. Our live support includes screen sharing capabilities. Additionally, students that plugin are paired with industry professionals for optimal learning.


Our students are matched with a mentor who is an industry professional. Crucially, this mentor works alongside them in the marketplace, providing opportunity for students to earn money while learning.


In this space, buying leads & paying for advertising is a thing of the past. Social media is powerful if you know how to leverage todays platforms. No need to build an audience or post, you just have to know how to navigate and connect.


ION is partnered with an extensive lender network of 130+ lenders offering more than 60 unique funding products. This includes both business funding & real estate investment funding. Additionally, we share our network with our students.


To effectively manage workflows, it all starts with organization. Using forms, invoices, grids, calculators, templates, and scripts streamlines workflow. Furthermore, we update these materials to stay current with the marketplace.

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