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New students may lack confidence in performing live marketplace duties, while even active brokers face funding challenges. At ION, our team supports you throughout the process, enabling you to earn and learn simultaneously. Don’t struggle alone; we’re here to assist! Testimonials from students can be found on our YouTube Channel or here on our website.


How does funding deals with ION work?

File Submission

Students that are not ready to build a business can plug into ION’s platform. CRM access housing all deals that are submitted is provided and of course our brand is available for our students to leverage solidifying trust in the marketplace.

Dedicated Processing

Students are paired with a mentor on the deals they submit to ensure their deals are processed and handled properly. All student files are protected on an encrypted server and managed by experienced, active industry professionals.

Team Work

We will work with students on deals to catch them where they fall and demonstrate proper workflow to follow. Here at ION, mentors will take the lead and offer the best possible chance of funding deals. Team work makes the dream work!


Like any sales related industry, the marketplace is competitive. Leveraging an experienced professional gives you an edge on the competition. Like any sales related industry, this space is saturated. Set yourself apart from the competition!

Here’s some common questions & answers about funding deals through our platform here at ION.

How do commission splits work?

Please watch ION’s FREE webinar. All will be made clear!

What kind of deals can be submitted?

ION accepts all business funding and real estate investment funding deals associated with ION’s loan products page which can be viewed here on ION’s website.

What if a client asks about ION?

ION is a business loan brokerage and you are a business loan broker. Together, we represent public and private money lenders nationwide. Though we are an education program, all client files are handled in house by experienced professionals.

Do mentors handle calls for students?

Anticipating client questions can be stressful. ION’s mentors will lead the call and show students the proper way to field the call, control the narrative and maintain the client relationship.

Can I just let my mentor do the selling?

Yes! ION does offer passive earning opportunity to those who are simply looking for a side hustle rather than building and operating their own business loan brokerage. Commission splits are broken down in our FREE webinar.

Don’t leave without a FREE copy of our

Business Loan Broker Playbook!



ION’s interactive guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough of everything related to being a business loan broker. Additionally, it offers students the opportunity to join ION and collaborate with industry professionals.


ION offers 1-on-1 assistance without 800 numbers or international outsourcing. ION’s live support includes screen sharing capabilities. Additionally, students that plugin are paired with industry professionals for optimal learning.


ION’s students are matched with a mentor who is an industry professional. Crucially, this mentor works alongside them in the marketplace, providing opportunity for students to earn money while learning.


In this space, buying leads & paying for advertising is a thing of the past. Social media is powerful if you know how to leverage todays platforms. No need to build an audience or post, you just have to know how to navigate and connect.


ION is partnered with an extensive lender network of 130+ lenders offering more than 60 unique funding products. This includes both business funding & real estate investment funding. Additionally, we share our network with our students.


To effectively manage workflows, it all starts with organization. Using forms, invoices, grids, calculators, templates, and scripts streamlines workflow. Furthermore, we update these materials to stay current with the marketplace.

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